design a sign that stands out

How To Make Sure Your Store Sign Is Very Readable

A sign can come with a very compelling message. However, if your customers are not able to read the sign, the message will not matter. Sign readability is based on a variety of factors and is influenced by how much time an individual has to look at the sign and how many words are printed on it.

Be Concise

Signs become more difficult as you increase the number of words. This is especially true for signs that are meant to be read by motorists. But even signs that are meant for pedestrians need to be short. Customers have many other signs vying for their attention and they are less likely to notice your sign if it's filled with too many details.

Stand Out

When trying to create a unique and attractive sign, you'll likely want to become very creative. However, make sure that the color of the text on your sign stands out well in contrast to the background. If the area is very busy, you'll need to make the sign brighter to be able to stand out from other signs.

Use Simple Fonts

Script fonts are some of the most difficult fonts to read. They might look very stylish, but they are a bad decision when you are concerned about readability. Text can be simple while still having a distinct look to improve brand recognition. 

Include Negative Space

Make sure that you do not fill the sign with too much text and that you include plenty of negative space. When text is too close together, it can be a struggle to read it. Do not use underline with your text. You might want to do so as a way to draw attention to it, but underlining the text reduces readability. When emphasizing specific elements of text, you should instead bold it.

Reinforce Your Brand

You will want to continue to use the colors to help represent your business' brand. However, you will also want to make sure that the color used as the background doesn't detract from the readability of the sign. For example, you might choose to use dark font on a light background.

Illuminate the Sign

The sign needs to be readable at night if you will be open at night or if you are simply trying to advertise to customers 24/7. To make the sign readable at night, use enough illumination. Then, you'll be able to reach your customers and deliver your message. 

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