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Protocols For Organizations In Charge Of Buying New Power Pole Tags

Power pole tags make it much easier to identify power poles in a particular area. Then proper inspections and repairs can take place for organizations in charge of these operations. If you're looking to buy some new ones, keep the following ideas in mind for optimal results.

Consider a Raised Nature 

It's important that tags placed on power poles are easy to recognize quickly for organizations in charge of maintaining these power resources. You can help support this quick identification by opting to use power pole tags that have a raised design.

Rather than remaining completely flat on the power pole, they'll protrude outward and that makes them a lot easier to recognize. The degree of protrusion can vary quite a bit with these tags, so carefully look at several options so that you can find tags that stick out enough for easy identification.

Make Sure They're Not Flimsy

One attribute you don't want to get in power pole tags for identification purposes is flimsiness. That would probably lead to tag damage sooner than you want to deal with, especially if the tags are exposed to environments that don't have good weather. 

Try to find power pole tags that don't have any give to them whatsoever. That might require you to get durable materials or thicker designs out of the power pole tags that you purchase. If you can hold these tags in your hands before purchasing, it's going to be easier to avoid a flimsy nature.

Choose a Design That's Favorable to Your Operations

There are a couple of ways power pole tags can be designed today, including screw-in tags and those that slide into a channel system. The former option is one of the more common options. You'll just use screws to hold multiple points of the power pole tag in place, whereas the channel system is a little more unique. You'll slide in numbers or letters inside a channel system. They typically include more colored elements that make the tags easy to identify. Just go with a design option you can see yourself having more success with long-term.

If you need to put more tags on power poles because the existing set came off or is in bad shape, the best thing you can do is find power pole tags with features you know are going to work out for the long haul. Then it won't be necessary to replace these tags often.

For more information on power pole tags, contact a supplier in your area.