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What Can You Do With Countertop Easel Sign Holders?

Signage is an important tool for customer-facing businesses. Signs allow customers to learn key information about products and your store, cutting down on the number of explanations that your staff members need to provide in busy situations. Countertop easel sign holders can allow you to display signage at eye level where customers can easily read it. Here are some of the things that you can do with countertop easel sign holders at your business:

1. Display product information

Customers want to know what they're buying before making their final purchase. Offering information about your products' various features can help customers decide that they need the items you have to offer. Displaying product information can be especially important when selling novel items that customers may be unfamiliar with. Countertop easel sign holders are easy to position on any flat surface. You can place your easel sign holders on any display shelf to offer customers the facts they need to make their purchases.

2. Advertise free samples

Free samples can entice customers and make them more likely to purchase the items they sample. In order to boost the effectiveness of your free samples, you will have to ensure that customers know about them. Countertop easel signs can be used to signal the presence of free samples in addition to alerting customers to the samples' ingredients. Once customers become accustomed to the presence of countertop easel signs, they can begin to find free samples in your store by looking for familiar signage.

3. Alert customers to daily specials

Restaurants and cafes can take advantage of countertop easel sign holders as well. Many foodservice establishments serve daily specials to offer customers variety and reduce their stock of older ingredients. Unlike standard menu items, daily specials don't have a place on permanent signage. Fortunately, countertop easel signs can be used to alert customers to the specials of the day. Mount a dry erase board or chalkboard panel on your easel sign holder to create a sign that can be easily updated day after day.

4. Easily direct customers

A crowded shop can be great for business, but it can also be frustrating for customers if you aren't careful. When customers get confused, they may decide to leave your store. Countertop easel signs can be used to direct customers to open cash registers, reducing frustration. Strategic signage can reduce customer frustration and increase your store's efficiency.