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Important Designs For Power Pole Tags

If you have some power poles that are serviced quite frequently, purchasing pole tags is a great solution for managing said servicing. You won't have to worry about going with the wrong tags if you ensure they have these particular designs. 

Pre-Cut Holes

If you're hoping to get these tags set up on your power poles in a hurry, then you need to make sure they have pre-cut holes. That saves you the trouble of drilling yourself, which can be difficult if these tags are made from durable materials or are small.

The manufacturer you order from will take care of the drilling for you. Then when your tags do arrive, you can quickly mount them on appropriate power poles with either screws or nails. Just make sure the holes don't obstruct important information on the tags. 

Thick Material 

Material thickness is something you want to carefully examine with power pole tags because it will determine their ability to resist damage. Thicker power pole tags are ideal because then they won't be subject to warping or damaging structurally.

They'll remain flat against the power poles that they're secured to, which ensures they're easy to read for your personnel trying to service them over the years. Thick power pole tags also can take impact and still hold up, which is ideal if you want to get decades — not years — out of these identification resources for power poles.

High-Quality Engraving

In order to put identification details on a power pole tag, engraving will need to take place. You want to ensure the engraving is high-quality so that the numbers and letters do come out great and are easy to read for those that need to service the poles.

Engraving quality ultimately comes down to the manufacturer. They need to have quality methods for getting letters or numbers on their power pole tags. It helps to see their work in person as to better judge readability. Each number and letter should be correctly spaced apart and easy to make out. That helps professionals servicing power poles over the years. 

Buying power pole tags may be needed if you have to deal with power pole management. Take a look at the available brands, manufacturers, and tag quality so that you are fully capable of making the right choice. Then identifying relevant power poles will be easy for the professionals involved in their maintenance.