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Custom Sign Options For Your Business

When you choose a custom sign for your business, you have a lot to be curious about. Signs can serve many different purposes, some informative and others decorative. The business you want to represent needs the right sign. Fortunately, you have many to choose from as you shop.

Channel Letter Signs

Channel letter signs are made of individual letters, logos, and photos. They sit flat against the building and typically have lights inside them. These signs are very common and are often used to announce various businesses to passerby on the street.

It is also possible to have the lights placed behind the letters. This creates a glow around the letters, creating a different appearance. Of course, you can also choose channel letters that are not lit at all.

Blade Signs

These signs jut out from your building's front, perhaps hanging over the sidewalk or path. Blade signs are typically mounted with a pole and have a frame to keep them in place. They may have lights attached to them to make them visible at night. These signs are great for attracting the attention of those passing by who happen to see your business.

Pylon Signs

Pylon signs are separate from a business and may include a list of businesses in a complex or shopping center. These signs are often used to promote a whole center or an individual business, and they are sometimes tall and placed near a highway.

Monument Signs

Monument signs stand on their own. They stick up out of the ground. You might use this kind of sign if your business is set back from the road and you want to tell people driving by that you are located in the area. Your sign could include the address and your logo. They may be lit up as well, and they can convey the level of formality of your business, whether casual or professional.

Neon Signs

Neon still has a certain charm. It offers a sense of the vintage without being over-the-top. Neon is always trendy, especially when done right. You can create a neon sign for your business that captures the classic essence.

Speak With a Custom Sign Designer

Are you looking for a sign that accurately conveys your message and advertises your business? You have many options to choose from. Find a designer to create custom signage to represent your business no matter what kind of sign speaks to you.