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3 Tips For Creating In-Store Signage That Will Grab Your Customers' Attention

Finding simple ways to increase sales can be critical when it comes to competing in today's marketplace. If you are hoping to make your own small business more successful, incorporating in-store signage into your marketing plan can be beneficial.

Here are three simple tips that you can use to ensure your in-store signage grabs the attention of potential customers in the future.

1. Use compelling colors.

When selecting the color palette for your in-store signage, it's important that you keep your company's brand in mind. Color plays a critical role in grabbing the attention of potential customers.

A study conducted by Loyola University concluded that 80% of a customer's brand recognition can be attributed to color. Select colors that mirror the branding you already have in place and you will be able to help customers more readily identify your products in the marketplace.

2. Take distance into consideration.

If you want your in-store signage to be legible, it's absolutely essential that you ensure the lettering is the correct size. Gauging how far away a customer should be able to make out the message on your in-store signage will help you determine the proper letter height.

Expert designers suggest that for every inch in height, a letter is legible from a distance of 10 feet. This means that if you want customer to read your in-store signage from a distance of 20 feet, your lettering should be at least 2 inches in height.

3. Select your shape carefully.

Choosing the right shape for your in-store signage can be extremely beneficial when it comes to catching the attention of potential customers. Psychology suggests that different shapes are linked with different meanings in the human mind.

If the product you are trying to promote with your in-store signage is feminine in nature, then selecting a sign with softly curved edges (like an oval, circle, or ellipse) will produce the best results. If your products are meant to appeal to the male demographic, then an angular sign shaped like a triangle will be more noticeable. Being able to identify your target audience and the emotion you are trying to associate with your product will help you select the right shape for your in-store signs in the future.

Including signage inside your retail location can make it easier to draw a customer's attention to your product on the shelf. Design effective in-store signage by using colors that coordinate with your brand, making sure your letters are legible, and selecting the right shape.

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