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Three Options For Banners For High-Wind Areas

If you need to put up a banner for your store, school, event, or other reason, pay attention to how the wind will affect the banner. Everyone wants their banners to look nice -- there's nothing odd about that -- but you may have to make some concessions to keep your banner from blowing away. Still, that doesn't mean you have to have an ugly banner. Here are three options for making your banner more wind-resistant without giving up aesthetics.  


From afar, mesh banners look like regular banners, but when you look closely at the material, you can see the tiny holes that allow air to pass through without ripping the banner in half. The mesh is printable and avoids those large slits you see in some banners that can disrupt the visual presentation of the banner. Ensure that the grommets used to attach the banner are metal; those not as likely to snap and break in strong winds as cheap plastic grommets.

Additional Grommets

Having your banner attached securely will go a long way toward keeping it up in high winds. You can add additional grommets around the border of the banner so you can use extra tie-downs. Again, make those grommets metal, and don't space them too closely together as you don't want them to act like perforated edges. The banner company will help you plot out a suitable pattern.

Elastic Cords

Most banners are held down with regular but strong cords. However, these don't allow the banner to move in wind, which can actually make it more likely that the banner will tear in the wind. Using elastic cords to tie the banner down, however, will let the banner move a little more and go with the flow of the wind instead. A strong gust on one side of the banner might move that side more, and the elastic will let the banner blow forward or back on that side as needed.

If you still need to put up banners in areas with high winds, start talking to sign and banner companies (such as about their offerings. View mesh samples in person to ensure the mesh does not interfere with the graphics and bring a picture or diagram of the area in which you want to hang the banner. That will help the company plot out a grommet pattern so you can take advantage of the best spots in which to tie down the banner.