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Designing A Sign That Targets Your Desired Customer

Signage plays an important role in any successful marketing campaign. Investing time and energy into the design you will use for your signage can help you more effectively target your desired customer.

Here are three vital components of signage design that you might be tempted to overlook, but that could have a serious impact on the effectiveness of your signs in the future.

1. Take the time to recognize that the shape of your signage makes a difference.

Signs are no longer limited to just rectangles, they can be produced in a variety of geometric shapes. Knowing how the shape of your signage can affect the way it is perceived by potential customers will help you design signage that more effectively targets your desired customers.

If you are attempting to woo female customers into making a purchase, your signage should feature soft, curved edges. Opting for circular or oval signs (which are viewed as being more feminine in nature) will help you attract the attention of your female customer base.

If you are hoping to target men with your signage, angular shapes (like the triangle) are a better option. Triangles are often associated with masculine characteristics like power, science, and law, so triangular signage can help capture the attention of your male customer base.

2. Be sure you are using the colors that appeal to your target audience.

Color psychology plays an important role in the development of marketing strategies. If you want your signage to convey the right message, then using the right colors is essential.

Creating signage that features colors like blue and orange will help you capture the attention of your male customer base. These colors are viewed as being more masculine, and male customers will pay attention to signage that incorporates blue and orange in its design.

Female customers are more drawn to red and yellow signage. If you are hoping your signage will target women, the using these colors in your design scheme can be beneficial.

3. Take your time when selecting the font for your signage.

Just as the shape of your signage can play a role in drawing the eye of your target customers, different types of fonts appeal to different demographics.

If you are trying to promote your products to a female audience, then using cursive fonts (which have a soft, curvy appearance) can be beneficial. Males prefer fonts that are more linear in nature, so opting for a font without curves or a long tail can be beneficial in capturing the attention of your male customer base.

Knowing how the design of your signage can help or hinder your marketing efforts will help you design more effective signs in the future. For more information about signage, contact a business such as Sierra Signs & Service, Inc.