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Banner Sign Guide For Your Business

If you think of a long vinyl strips flapping in the breeze every time you think of a banner, then it's time to get educated about the many different styles of this versatile and cost effective sign option. Banners now come in multiple materials and in all shapes and sizes. They can be casual or classy, depending on your needs and where you are placing them. This guide to the different types of banners can help you make the right choice for your business.

Choose a Style

Banner styles aren't limited to the horizontal strip of the past. The following are a few of the popular styles now available:

  • Vertical banners. These are long banners hang down, rather than across. They are often used in shopping malls or performing arts centers to advertise upcoming events, but they work well for other purposes. A vertical banner tends to look more elegant than other temporary sign options, especially when done in fabric.

  • Flags. Flags are just what they sound like – rectangular banners printed with your message and meant to hang on a flag pole. These can be used on tall poles or on small wall poles inside or outside of your business.

  • Feathers. Feather banners are another indoor-outdoor option. These vertical, vaguely feather-shaped banners are often used to draw attention outdoors by being placed in a row down a sidewalk or street side. They can also be used indoors to advertise special offers.

  • Mesh banners. These banners are see-through on one side and have the message on the other. They work well for hanging on windows.

  • Traditional strip banners. Banners like this are still a favorite for hanging over sign boards, in front of a business, or outdoors over a street or stretched between poles.

Pick a Material

The two most common materials for banners are fabric or vinyl. Opt for vinyl if you need a sturdy outdoor banner, such as a street banner. Outdoor fabrics are also available, but these work best if they are brought indoors during extreme weather and overnight. Indoor fabrics, like canvas, have a better texture and look more professional for indoor displays.

Find the Perfect Display Option

Finally, pick a display option. For indoor feathers, flags, and vertical banners, floor stands are the display option of choice. Flags and vertical banners can also be ceiling or wall mounted so that they hang down above your customers. Outdoor stake stands, with built-in springs to resist wind damage, are an option for feather and vertical banners outdoors. Pole and rope systems, or simply a rope system, is the main choice for outdoor traditional banners. Finally, retractable wall mount systems are also available. These work especially well for large outdoor banners that you don't want on constant display. For more information, consider contacting the professionals at Genesis Signs.