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How To Create A Modern Visitors Center In Your Lobby

Your office building's lobby is the place where customers get their first impression of your business. By giving this area an upgrade and adding some modern tech upgrades, you can transform your lobby into a visitors center that clients and customers want to spend time in. Here are a few ideas to inspire your lobby makeover.

Take Your Custom Business Signs Digital

A recent study shows that 63 percent of people report that digital signage captures their attention. Adding digital signage to your lobby can provides an effective way to share information with visitors about where different departments or services are located in your building while also spreading the message about your brand. For optimum visibility, this type of signage can be placed on the walls across from your elevator banks, behind a reception area or near your lobby seating area.

Build Electronics Charging Stations

Your clients and customers will appreciate having a handy place to plug in their electronic devices, so consider building electronics charging stations. Make them comfortable by adding plush chairs, coffee tables and ottomans. Cozy furniture invites visitors to your building to linger, making your charging stations a perfect place for people to catch up on work while waiting for a meeting with you or your colleagues.

Add Self-Help Kiosks

Digital self-help kiosks let your customers perform a wide range of activities without the assistance of a person. Place these kiosks around your lobby to provide immediate help for visiting guests. Some of the functions you can program the kiosks to handle include:

  • Allow customers to pay bills
  • Purchase/order products instantly
  • Get information about upcoming products and services
  • Schedule an appointment

Kiosks also act as digital signage in your lobby, helping you to further brand your business while providing vital services to customers. Be sure to have the kiosk programmed to display your company logo and images of your products when it is not being used by a customer.

Create Impromptu Meeting Spaces

Instead of just adding a few chairs or sofas to the main area of your lobby, consider creating several seating nooks. By placing two or three chairs around a table, you can create a space that is made for a casual meeting. You can greet clients in the lobby and make a sales pitch or close a deal without even having to head to the office. Make sure you choose soft, cushioned chairs for this area in the lobby, as you want to make your potential customers as comfortable as possible during your meetings. 

Creating a lobby area that gives visitors instant information and a comfortable place to wait and relax can help to create a positive impression of your brand in people's minds. Adding custom business signs and other digital technology takes your lobby into the modern age.