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What Does Your Sign Say About Your Business?

Signs can often be taken for granted. Many of the more artistic signs can be appreciated for their beauty, but there are so many other standard sign designs that simply identify places and people. Unfortunately, there are ways to send the wrong message, dissuade potential clientele or simply look bad if you're not careful with your sign designs. Since there's so many ways to go wrong, keep a few commercial signs and advertisement concepts in mind before leaping on the first sign idea available.

Small Text Can Be Annoying

This may seem like common sense to some while an epiphany to others; it's hard to read lots of small text while driving down the road. No matter how much sense it makes, there continues to be new businesses that need to cram an entire paragraph onto a billboard or giant sign when the potential readers don't have a chance to see it.

For many drivers, the opportunity to slow down simply isn't viable. They need to worry about the other drivers around them, and they may be late for a very important appointment that needs to be kept. 

In order to fit a lot of text onto a sign, the font generally needs to be smaller than optimal. Even if you were to purchase enough signage for an easy-to-read message, you need to consider the attention span of the potential readers, the speed at which they're moving (which can be a big concern for pedestrians and drivers) and the length of your message. Drivers won't have time to absorb a long concept, while busy people might not care to read the information.

It may be tacky, but some resorts use sequential signs to get long messages across. Allow drivers a few seconds between signs to think about the previous sign and continue to the next part of the message on the other sign. With this technique, you trade cost for legibility and a balance between a nice marketing trick and what was once a cliche of the American highway billboard culture.

Keep The Font And Typesetting Legible

There are many different fonts available in the world, ranging from the elegance of Champagne font to the font that the Internet loves to hate: Comic Sans. Unless you're a savvy typesetter with a preference for fonts, you may be tempted to pick out the best looking font the fits your personal preferences. Don't do that.

Many fonts exist for entertainment value, but are not entirely legible--especially on large, commercial signs. As you look through your options, make sure to consult with a commercial sign professional like those at A 2 Z Signs to find out how successful the font will be in terms of attracting attention, ease of reading and likelihood of annoying the reader.

There may be other alternatives to your font, or the font style may lead to you choose a different sign design. Fonts may seem like a small issue, but they can affect the overall package in ways that aren't obvious at the beginning. Contact a commercial signs professional to begin discussing your sign design needs.