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3 Great Ideas For Church Signs To Recapture The Minds Of The Youth

It's no secret that churches are losing members, especially with those who are younger. One of the main reasons for this is because churches might have a harder time attracting young adults to their services because the services don't seem relevant. Try these sign ideas to draw the attention of young adults and see if you can grow your church population.

1. Incorporate Comic Books

Comic books are having a moment right now, with the fantastic success of movies based on their characters leading to increased comic book readership. Many of these comic book superheroes are literally fighting the darkness, similar to how many people view priests and the church holding back the darkness. If you can frame the Biblical struggle between good and evil in the same terms as a superhero might fight his or her inner demons, villains, or general corrupt governments, you will draw the attention of the young adults who pass by your church.

Utilize comic book imagery by hiring a professional artist to make up your own superhero, or attempt to get the rights to one of the lesser-known heroes. Then, put that hero on a poster in a way that frames the metaphor between superheroes and the church. Make the sign look like a gigantic page out of a comic book.

2. Consider Using Internet Culture

If you have a sign in your front yard that you can change regularly, consider using it utilize the popularity of a certain meme. Go online every day and check Reddit or other content-sharing websites to see which memes are currently popular. Then, see if you can incorporate the meme into a message that you want your church to share. Using internet slang such as "tfw" (that feel when) will allow young adults to see that you are willing to change with the times. However, if you decide to use memes, you need to make sure that your board is updated at least every other day or else your efforts will be wasted.

3. Make Signs For Your Priests As Though They're Rock Stars

Finally, make signs advertising your priests in the same style that companies use signs to promote rock groups or rock stars that are currently touring. This will make the priests relatable, casting them in the same light as someone that young adults frequently look up to.

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