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Make A Unique Employee Sign For Your Daycare Entryway

If you run a small daycare, and there are a few employees helping you out within the facility, making an entryway sign to highlight photos of yourself and your helpers is a great way to introduce yourselves to prospective new clients. Many companies display an official employee sign, but yours can be a bit less traditional by giving it a caregiver's flair. Here are some instructions for you to use to make your own employee sign to display proudly in your daycare's entryway.

Preparing The Photos

Take a photograph of each person who works in your facility. Tape a colored sheet to a wall. Have each employee take a turn sitting in a chair placed in front of this sheet so that the photo you take will have a pleasing background. Make sure each employee wears clothing that does not blend in with the color you have selected for the background.

Print out the photographs on your printer or have them printed professionally if you are using traditional film. Decide on the size of your sign in advance and size your photos so they will all fit on your sign, leaving enough room for a small plaque under each photo.

Preparing The Sign

Purchase a piece of wood to be used for your sign. Sand down all surfaces with medium-grit sandpaper, smoothing the wood in the process. Switch to fine-grit sandpaper to smooth it even further. Paint the piece of wood completely with white paint. Allow it to dry thoroughly and add another coating. When it has dried, bring the wood into your daycare during a session when children are available to help with the next step.

Set out three bowls. Pour red paint into one bowl, blue paint into another, and yellow paint in the last. Have each student pick their favorite color from the three choices and have them dip one hand in the bowl of paint they like best. Have them place their painted hand on the wood, leaving an impression of their hand print on your sign.

Assembling Your Sign

Have personalized nameplate plaques made for each employee in your daycare. Each should list the employee's name and their position in the facility. Glue a photograph of each employee on the painted wood sign. Paint a coating of shellac over the entire surface of the wood, including over the photographs. This will seal them into place.

Place five to eight coatings of shellac on your wooden sign, allowing time for each coating to dry completely between applications. When the last coating is dry, screw the personalized plaques, such as those made at All Signs, into place underneath the corresponding picture.